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Ref. Title Publisher Date Author Synopsis
F1 Australian Exhibition Contemporary Binding Canberra Craft Bookbinders Inc 1992 Johnson, C., Tonkin, J., & Metcalf, M. Exhibition catalogue of Canberra Craft Bookbinders’ guild catalogue for their 1982 exhibition in the National Library. Fifty-three books from eight countries illustrated in full colour.
F2 Historic and Artistic bookbindings from the Bibliotheca Bibliographic Breslaueriana Bibliotheca Wittockiana 1986 Breslauer, B.H. Catalogue of an exhibition in Brussels. Introduction is in French, catalogue in English. Seventy-four illustrations of books, majority French. Illustrated in black and white. Good comment on designers and binders.
F3 Bookbinding: Including books from the library of Howard Nixon and Edward McLean Oak Knoll 1984 Oak Knoll Books This is a catalogue of books on bookbinding. There are a few photographs of bindings.
F4 Bookbinding before 1600: Twelve Centuries of Bookbinding Needham, Paul Exhibition catalogue of exhibition held in Pierpoint Morgan Library, 1979. Only one illustration but good historical introduction.
F5 The First Decade Centre for Book Arts Centre for Book Arts Catalogue of exhibition, New York 1984. Art books are illustrated in black and white.
F6 Contemporary Binding, 1989-90 Canberra Craft Bookbinders Inc 1989 Johnson, C., Wooton, N., McKenzie, I. & Tonkin, J (eds) Exhibition catalogue for an Australian exhibition of contemporary binding shown in Canberra in 1990. Thirty seven binders from seven countries are represented. Books are illustrated in small black and white photographs.
F7 Contemporary Bookbinding, A Queensland Arts Council Touring Exhibition Catalogue, 1985-1986 Queensland Arts Council 1985 – 86 Queensland Arts Council Exhibition catalogue 1985-1986. Book by Jill Gurney, Daphne Lera, Margaret Lock, Kathy Nix. Illustrated in black and white. Working instructions for different books – oriental, case, leather, limp vellum and restoration. Packs a lot in a small format.
F8 Contemporary Designer Bookbindings: Europe and Australia Crafts Council of Australia 1984 Clendinning, Ross (ed)
F9 DB5 Designer Bookbinders 1989 Pearson, John An illustrated directory of Fellows and Licentiates of Designer Bookbinders. Potted biographies of twenty five leading British binders and examples of their work. Useful comments on each.
F10 Catalogue of a Major Collection of Rare Australiana, Pacific Voyages and Other Books 1988 Renards, Julien Auction catalogue.
F11 Paper Plus Craft Council of ACT 1987 Craft Council of ACT
F12 To Scola Exhibition Craft Council of Queensland 1985 Craft Council of Queensland
F13 Harrild’s Catalogue Harrild’s Catalogue Harrild’s Catalogue
F14 P & S Engraving Catalogue P & S Engraving Catalogue 1983
F15 Tregaskis Centenary Exhibition Designer Bookbinders 1994 A catalogue of the Tregaskis Centenary Exhibition 1994 with a facsimile of the Tregaskis Exhibition catalogue of 1894. Introduction by Marianne Tidcombe and an essay by Bernard Middleton.
F16 Designers Bookbinders in North America Catalogue of bindings exhibited in North America.
F17 Guide to Hot Stamping and Foil Selection Milford Astor Pty Ltd 1980 Good explanatory notes on history and method of manufacture, common faults and their remedies.
F18 Queensland Bookbinders Guild File containing pamphlets and flyers regarding the Guild, conversation, tools and materials catalogues.
F19 The Anthony Dowd Collection of Modern Bindings 2002 100 modern bindings beautifully illustrated in full colour. The collection is now in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, UK.
F20 Contemporary Bookbinding – A Queensland Arts Council Touring Exhibition 1985/86 Qld Arts Council 1985 Gurney, Jill Lera, Daphne Lack, Margaret Nix, Kathy Though the catalogue was written for an exhibition, it also provides good descriptions and b & w illustrations on oriental-style binding, case binding, leather binding and limp vellum binding and restoration.
F21 Fine Words – Fine Books Masterworks of Modern Calligraphy and Bookbinding Printeksa, Bilbao, Spain 1991 Coles, Anne & Parsons, Anne (Preparers and Collators) 167 works representing a very wide range of calligraphy and lettering were chosen for an exhibition which took place in London in 1991. This catalogue beautifully illustrates and describes each work. The exhibition was arranged by Designer Bookbinders and The Society of Scribes and Illuminators.
F22 Contemporary Designer Bookbindings Europe & Australia Crafts Council of Australia 1984 Clendinning, Ross (Ed) The introduction by Edgar Mansfield, an article “The Development of Bookbinding Techniques” by Bernard Middleton and written contributions from other leading authorities explain the purposes of the exhibition. Works are illustrated and caption material is entered systematically.
F23 Kyffin – A Celebration Designer Bookbinders 2008 Fellows & Licentiates of Designer Bookbinders Illustrated pages describe 13 bindings by Fellows of Designer Bookbinders who bound copies of Kyffin – A Celebration for an exhibition at venues in England and Wales from June to November 2008.
F24 Catalogue 285 Old Knoll Books, USA
F25 Catalogue 286 Old Knoll Books, USA
F26 Catalogue 287 Old Knoll Books, USA
F27 Catalogue 288 Old Knoll Books, USA
F28 Fall – Winter Old Knoll Press 2006 “Publishers of fine bibliographies and other books about books.”
F29 Fall – Winter Old Knoll Press 2007 “Publishers of fine bibliographies and other books about books.”
F30 Spring – Summer Old Knoll Press 2007 “Publishers of fine bibliographies and other books about books.”

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