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Introductory Course in Bookbinding

This course covers the sewing and binding of  a case-bound book in the traditional way, and includes selection of suitable materials, repairs and basic restoration. Following the course, students will be able to start work on making their books.

Students sew paper sections into tapes, round and back them and put on endpapers and headbands. They then make a case out of board and two types of cloth, to make a “half-binding”, and then paste the book into the case. Time is allowed for the demonstration of other methods of sewing and binding and the re-sewing of damaged books. Students will also learn simple paper repairs and how to repair paperbacks so that the single sheets and permanently secured.

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Restoration of Cloth and Paper Bound BooksPlease note that this course is best undertaken by those who have had some practice in binding books as it will be assumed that participants are familiar with the details of elementary bookbinding. Topics for the course will be selected from the following :

  • Replacing spines
  • Resewing split books
  • Paper repair
  • “Lumbecking” a paper-back and putting it into a hard case
  • Repairing “bumped” corners
  • Dealing with bookplates
  • Refurbishing cloth and decorated paper, etc.
  • Other suitable topics

The course tutor is Robin Tait. Click here for examples of restored bindings.             More Information


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Bookbinding in a classic way

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