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More Lying Press Options

Jason Cooper | Published on 1/27/2023

The previous article linked to Tony Firman's website and a number of documents on preparing some basic bookbinding equipment. Punching cradles and sewing frames are very optional pieces of equipment. The lying press (or laying press) however is a much used piece of equipment that any style of traditional bookbinding will call for.

They come in many shapes and sizes but at the very least a small press with legs to use on your benchtop is essential. They are however quite difficult to come by.

Ideally we would all have a press as beautiful as the guilds collection of Frank Wiesner presses however that's not a reality except for a lucky few. There are many other options however that perform the required function until you can upgrade to a "better" press.

The document library on the website here now has a couple of documents that you may find handy to create some various presses. I won't go in to the different terminology used here but a simple press like the one above, with legs, is what you need. 

In addition to the instructions listed on Tony Firman's website (linked in the previous article) the following documents may provide additional instructions to help with creating your own press. You will need to be a member and logged in to view these documents:

Lying Press Option - is a very simple design that can be done with tools most people would have around the home.
Dryad Lying Press Plan - Just two pages with hand drawn plans to make a Dryad style press.
A Simple Bookbinder's Laying Press and Plough - Is a detailed how to create a press and a plough (used for trimming book blocks). The instructions are very clear however seems to be a for people with access to more equipment and some woodworking skills.

Of course we are seeing some members doing some beautiful work themselves on creating wood threads etc. If you have any plans or tutorials you would be happy to share with other members, please feel free to forward them to me and I will include them on the website.