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Inlays Demonstration by Sarah

Jason Cooper | Published on 5/4/2024

Sarah Demonstrating Inlays

At the heart of the Queensland Bookbinders Guild's community lies a deep passion for preserving and enhancing the art of bookbinding. This commitment was beautifully showcased at our recent bindery evening, where members gathered to delve into the intricacies of inlaying bookcloth. Led by the talented Sarah Davies, this demonstration illuminated a technique meticulously documented by June McNicol, a testament to the collaborative spirit and knowledge-sharing ethos within our guild.

The evening buzzed with enthusiasm as members eagerly participated, immersing themselves in the craft of inlaying. For those unable to attend or seeking a refresher, comprehensive instructions for inlaying can be accessed conveniently in our document library or via this link. Whether you're a seasoned binder or just beginning your journey, these resources provide invaluable guidance to hone your skills and expand your repertoire.

Our bindery evenings are not only occasions for learning but also for fostering camaraderie and connection among fellow enthusiasts. The success of this event was palpable, with members relishing the opportunity to engage with the artistry of bookbinding firsthand. As we witnessed the vibrant exchange of ideas and techniques, it became evident that the essence of our guild lies not only in the preservation of tradition but also in the innovation and experimentation that propel our craft forward.

Looking ahead, we encourage all members to stay informed about upcoming bindery days and demonstrations. These invaluable gatherings offer the perfect setting to utilize the bindery for ongoing projects or to partake in enriching learning experiences. Keep a keen eye on our event calendar and bi-weekly email updates for details on future events, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.