Bookbinding Materials for Members

Materials and Tools For Sale To Members Size Price ($)**
Adhesives Silver Star Starch Powder Packet 3.00 ea
PVA Glue (acid free) 500 mL 6.00 ea
EVA Glue (acid free) 500 mL 8.00 ea


Aprons 20.00 ea
T-Shirts Small only 15.00 ea
Board Lined Jute 2mm 4.00 ea
2400 Acid Free 2.5mm 3.50 ea
2400 Acid Free 2mm 3.50 ea
Bookcloth Brella (red or brown) 99cm wide 1.00 /m
Arbetex (in Maroon, Green and Black) 124cm wide 16.00 /m
Library Buckram (black, red, grey, purple, dark maroon, maroon, dark brown, light brown, light green, dark green, mid green, bottle green, dark blue, light blue) 103cm wide 16.00 /m
Duo Cloth (types 106, 112, 115, 143) 13.00 /m
Kayak 18.00 /m
Virasnake 18.00 /m
Algora 10.00 /m
Record Holtz 15.00 /m
Books Craft of Bookbinding by Manly Bannister 15
Basic Bookbinding by A W Lewis 10.00
Endpapers Optix (several shades, creams and yellow) 1.00 ea
Other endpapers in black and marbled paper styles 1.00 ea
Specialty Papers Kozo 1m sheet $10.00 ea
Kozo 50cm (half sheet) $5.00 ea
Foil Various colours 0.40 /m
Genuine Gold 25mm wide 4.00 /m
Headbands Several colours 2.00 /m
Scrim 5.00 /m
Tape Cotton 12mm 1.00 /m
Ramie Band (hank) 20m 20.00 ea
Ramie Band (by length) 1.00 /m
Tools Bone Folder (large) 8 in 10.50 ea
Bone Folder (small) 6 in 7.50 ea
English Paring Knife (left or right hand) 25.00 ea
Single Line Pallet 25.00 ea
No. 11 Scalpel blades 50c ea
Thread 3ply reels (18 and 25 gauge) or 4ply hanks 17.50 ea
Cord 8ply (hairy string!) 0.20 /m

** Prices depend on the cost of materials from suppliers. These may change with each order we receive.

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