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Ref. Title Publisher Date Author Synopsis
A1 Bookbinding as a Handcraft Bell 1975 Bannister, Manly A comprehensive account of case binding, sunk cords, single sheet, leather preparation. A very good selection on making your own tools and equipment.
A1/a Bookbinding as a Handcraft Stirling 1975 Bannister, Manly A comprehensive account of case binding, sunk cords, single sheet, leather preparation. A very good selection on making your own tools and equipment.
A2 Boxes for the Protection of Rare Book: their design & construction Library of Congress 1982 Brown, Margaret Patterns for: a phased box, a portfolio, a fore-edge grip box, standard rare book designs with and without portfolio. A very detailed step-by-step instruction and comprehensively illustrated. Good for beginners.
A3 The Craft of Bookbinding: a practical handbook David & Charles 1975 Burdett, Eric One of the standard texts on bookbinding. Very detailed text covering everything from tools to finishing. Also historical and modern binding, inlays & onlays, guard books etc. An excellent reference book for all stages.
A5 Bookbinding as a school subject, Stage 4 lettering and simple tooling 1985 Cockerell, Douglas Pamphlet, Third Edition. How to make patterns with simple tools. Tooling is in gold leaf.
A6 Bookbinding and the care of books, with appendix by Sydney Cockerell Pitman 1953 Cockerell, Douglas The original in 1901 is the classic book on bookbinding, but is lacking in illustrations at critical points eg. Headbands. Appendix this edition covers more modern materials and methods. Very good for all binders.
A7 Introduction to Bookbinding Faber & Faber 1965 Darley, Lionel S A good introduction, basic case making, leather binding, machine bookbinding, glossary.
A8 Bookbinding Cassell 1902 Hasluck, Paul Numerous engravings and diagrams. More of historic, rather than practical use of commercial trade binding. Good section on colouring edges, through marbling colours would be unobtainable today. Interesting to those with previous experience.
A9 Japanese Bookbinding 1986 Ikegami, Kogiro Step by step instructions for Japanese bindings. Very detailed with many illustrations and photographs. Glossary. Good for beginners.
A10 Bookbinding Thames & Hudson 1984 Johnson, Arthur One of the best introductions to bookbinding. Covers case, library (cloth & leather) sunk cord, vellum, & limp bindings; guard books, single sheet, finishing, boxes and many others. Strongly recommended for beginners and others.
A11 The Practical Guide to Craft Bookbinding Thames & Hudson 1985 Johnson, Arthur Covers basic tools, materials design and application to single and multi-section, library style and limp in cloth and leather. Excellent section on designing titles and spines. No index.
A11/a Bookbinding Thames & Hudson 1978 Johnson, Arthur Earlier edition of A10. Strongly recommended for beginners and others.
A11/b Bookbinding Thames & Hudson 1978 Johnson, Arthur Earlier edition of A10. Strongly recommended for beginners and others.
A11/c The Practical Guide to Craft Bookbinding Thames & Hudson 1985 Johnson, Arthur
A12 A Craftsman Guide to Gold Finishing, Ed. Nolan Watts, Standing Press 1995 Mitchell, John A painstaking detailed account of gold tooling using gold leaf and egg glaire. Excellent photographs and valuable chapters on the use of finishing tools and how to correct faults.
A13 Creative Bookbinding University of Washington Press 1963 Johnson, Pauline Working procedures for simple bindings on tapes or sunk cords, mostly square backs. Very creative ideas for decorated paper sides. Good for beginners.
A14 How to Cloth Bind a Paperback Book: A step-by-step guide for beginners Dover 1980 Kafka, Francis J. Side sewing, casing, slipcase and a few repairs. Good for beginners.
A15 Bookbinding for Beginners Cassell & Co. 1933 Kay, J More working with paper making, calendars etc than bookbinding. Covers luggage labels, comb case, etc. single section, four sections. Good ideas for teaching children or those interested in other crafts.
A16 Advanced Bookbinding Cassell & Co. 1933 Kay, J Follows on from Bookbinding for Beginnersand covers single section, case, library and flexible binding with some repairs and finishing. Intended as a school children’s book, so not enough information for a DIY.
A17 Handmade Cards & Books Lothian 1995 Kropper, Jean Step by step instructions on bookbinding techniques, pamphlet, Japanese & Coptic binding, decorating cards and books, how to pattern papers. Also covers concertina bindings and albums. Australian terminology.
A18 Craftsman’s Guide to Edge Decorating Standing Press 1995 Mitchell, John A painstaking detailed account of gold tooling using gold leaf and egg glaire. Excellent photographs and valuable chapters on use of finishing tools and correcting faults.
A19 Unsewn Binding Dryad Press 1964 Percival, G.S. & Graham, R.A. Detailed instructions and variations on lumbecking single sheets. Good for beginners.
A20 Bookbinding Inland Printer Co. 1924 Pleger, John J Commercial and trade binding but useful for understanding the made up of a commercial book.
A21 Bookbinding at Home Riberholt & Drastrup, A
A22 Introducing Bookbinding 1984 Robinson, Ivor a manual on case binding (English joint), single sections, quarter leather, library & finishing by an outstanding British craftsman and teacher. Profusely illustrated with photographs. Good for beginners.
A23 Work in Progress 1979 Shannon, Faith This pamphlet is a manual which accompanied one of a series of four touring exhibitions organised by the Crafts Council in 1979. Faith Shannon explains bookbinding and her workshop for which a plan is included.
A24 Hand Bookbinding: A manual of instruction Bell 1963 Watson, Aldren A. Good introduction, suitable for beginners with many illustrations. Useful section on making your own equipment.
A25 The Art of Bookbinding George Bell & Sons 1900 Zaehndorf, Joseph W. Technological Handbooks. Historically interesting text by one of the great trade bookbinders of the nineteenth century who was famous for his immaculate and intricate finishing. Many illustrations and colure plates of beautiful finishing. Beware of the section on ‘Washing and Cleaning’ as much of it is not acceptable today. Gives an excellent picture of fastidious binding 100 years ago.
A26 Bookbinding: A beginner’s manual Black 1981 Ashman, John A lot of very useful information, but could be difficult for a beginner. He has a weird work order; he treats gold lettering in Chapter 3 before case making! Some good tips for those who know what they are doing and a very unusual way of dealing with single sheets – always a problem.
A27 Binding and Repairing Books by Hand Batsford 1978 Muir, David Covers repairing heads & tails, corners, torn pages, repacking in cloth and leather, rebinding a cloth book, quarter, half and full leather, and gold finishing. He only deals with books sewn on cords – sunk and raised. Plenty of good line illustrations.
A28 Bookbinding and Conservation by hand: A working guide Bowker Co. 1981 Young, Laura S. More or less everything you ever wanted to know about bookbinding, following the German school – very slow and thorough. It covers Bradel as well as more familiar bindings, techniques for repairing, headbinding, finishing, Yapp binding, vellum and oriental. The only work which tells you how to correct mistakes and accidents.
A29 Non Adhesive Binding 1991 Smith, Keith A. Sewn paperback. This covers a range of bindings from simple Japanese style in many variations to very complex multiple sections with exposed longstitch, Coptic sewing, concertina binding in an extraordinary variety of styles. Highly recommended if you want something different.
A30 Bookbinding for Beginners Studio Vista 1967 Corderoy, John A good basic text for a beginner with very clear diagrams. Includes an excellent section on paring leather and many good ideas on making decorative cases in paper and cloth.
A31 Bookbinding made Easy Bruce 1937 Klinefelter, Lee M. Another “How to make your own equipment book”. Recommends techniques no longer accepted, however, could gain some useful information. Useful glossary.
A32 Bookbinding: its background and technique. Two volumes bound as one Dover 1980 Diehl, Edith Vol. 1, A history of bookbinding, methods and decoration in most European countries, North America and Near East.
Vol. 2, Very detailed account of traditional binding, mostly leather, repairing, finishing, lettering. As Diehl is American /Canadian, many of the names of materials are unfamiliar and some bleaching techniques are no longer acceptable. Useful as a bookbinding encyclopaedia, very useful glossary. 91 illustrations.
A33 ABC of Bookbinding Oak Knoll 1988 Greenfield, Jane A unique glossary with over 700 illustrations for collectors and librarians.
A34 Zelf Bookbinden Frigge & Knapp
A35 Making Albums for Photos & Paper Collectibles Horton, Richard W.
A36 Making Overcast Cloth – Joined Endpapers E & T Booklet
A37 Historical Photo Albums & their Structures Horton, Richard W.
A38 ABC of Leather Bookbinding Lhotka, Edward R.
A39 Basic Bookbinding Dover 1957 Lewis, A.W. Detailed instructions in basic bookbinding with step by step illustrations. Excellent for beginners. 144 pages.
A40 Bookcloth:
1823 to 1980
Montecito Press 1997 Tomlinson, William & Masters, Richard A study of early use and rise of manufacture of bookcloth, Winterbottom’s dominance of the trade, costs, methods, qualities, designs.
A41 The Penland Book of Handmade Books Lark Books 2004 10 artists Master classes in bookmaking techniques; introduction by J W McLaughlin, Director of Penland School of Crafts.
A42 Bookbinding 2000 Proceedings Merlin International 2002 Various Lectures by Deborah Evetts, Bernard Middleton, Philip Smith, Marianne Tidcombe, Peter Waters, Mirjam Foot at conference in 2000 honouring B C Middleton at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY.
A43 Headbands: How to Work Them Oak Knoll Press 2005 Greenfield, Jane & Hille, Jenny 12 headbands described with step-by-step drawings.
A44 Modern Bookbinding Robert Hale 1998 Vaughan, Alex J. This book was bound by Maureen Duke and covered in calf at a workshop at Morningside TAFE in 1998. The book was later finished in gold leaf and boxed by June McNicol. An accompanying video is in the QBG Library, Catalogue Nos V7, V8.
A45 Book Binding Thames & Hudson 1992 Johnson, Arthur W later edition of A10. Good manual for beginners.
A46 The practical Guide to Craft Bookbinding Thames & Hudson 1985 Johnson, Arthur W See synopsis for A 11.
A47 Basic Bookbinding Dover 1957 Lewis, A W See A39.
A48 Bookbinding as a School Subject Stage 1 Russell Bookcrafts 1938 Cockerell, Douglas pamphlet describing basis for binding books of one section (16 pages).
A49 Bookbinding as a School Subject Stage 3 Russell Bookcrafts 1938 Cockerell, Douglas pamphlet of 16 pages covering cutting edges and binding in half and whole leather.
A50 Bookbinding as a School Subject Stage 4 Heffers Printers 1938 Cockerell, Douglas pamphlet of 16 pages on lettering and simple tooling for older and more experienced pupils.
A51 Books & Boxes Search Press 2003 Peter Baumgartner Basic bookbinding techniques; decorative papers; section of how to repair books; glossary of terms.
A52 Notes for ABC (New Zealand) Wyvern Bindery 2005 Johnson, Arthur W As patron of the Association of Book Crafts of New Zealand, Mr Johnson had written articles for the ABC’s newsletter, from about 1990 until his death in 2004. 23 of these are printed in Notes for ABC which also contains his autobiography of 13 pages.
A53 DVDSharpening – the Professional Way GMC Publications ND Kingshott, J Grinding machines are reviewed and Jim explains how to mount and dress a grinding wheel; this is followed by a discussion of honing and a comprehensive look at stones, natural and man-made, and diamond sharpening systems.
A54 Practical Bookbinding Percival Marshall & Co, London Reprinted by NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders 1992 Pearce, William Bonner Aim throughout the book is to present instructions with beginners in mind. 11 chapters cover all aspects of basic bookbinding. This edition was bound by T Rowley Corbett in cloth Bradel style and bears his bookplate.
A55 DVD – The Exposed Spine Binding RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press 2006 Louise Genest Demonstration of exposed spine binding in full leather for a multiple section block.
A56 DVD – A Decorative Leather Covering Technique RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press 2006 Anthony Cains Demonstration of adopting technique of moulding and manipulating leather during covering process to produce spontaneous design statement.
A57 a/b DVD – Edge-to-Edge Doublure RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press 2006 Monique Lallier Using leather or paper, this doublure is a refined and exquisite finish for inner boards of a designer binding.
A58 DVD – Gold Tooling RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press 2006 Michael Wilcox Demonstration of egg-glaire technique for gold tooling.
A59 DVD – The Concave Spine: Rigid Flexibility RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press 2006 James Brockman Explores historical evidence that book spines naturally adopt concave shape; demonstration and explanation of structure and examination of function of the concave spine.
A60 DVD – Maureen Duke Binds a Book Queensland Bookbinders Guild Inc 1998 Maureen Duke Edited version 42 minutes; filmed by Paul Somogyi; edited by Margaret Roper.
A61 Book Arts 2004 Mary Kay Seckler Useful guide with directions for twelve different bindings.
A62 Fine bookbinding A technical Guide The British Library 2009 Jen Lindsay Step by step guide to making a leather bound book. Excellent photography.
A63 500 Handmade Books: Inspiring interpretations of a timeless form Lark Books, New York 2008
A64 19th century bookbinding Techniques at the Harcourt Bindery 2007 S. Ellenport Not an educational DVD but showing some of the techniques used in leather binding: Gilding, folding endpapers,making silk fly leaves, attaching the hollow back,faked raised bands, filling in the boards, spine onlay work, flat die stamping for covers and doublures. 64mins.
A65 Tour of the Harcourt Bindery 2006 S. Ellenport This DVD covers buckram, leather, marbled papers (very interesting), hand made papers, some old machinery like hole punching, perforating, arming press.
Thoughts on the future of bookbinding, the book as an object and a fitting conclusion. 67 mins.

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