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Sunday 19th September 2021. 9.00am to approx 3.30pm. Solander Box making course, tutor Sandy Johnson, cost $70 to members but free to those who attended a Beginners Course in 2021. The Solander Box is a made-to-measure clamshell (solid) box to hold a precious book

  1. Saturday 18th September, A Lumbeck Single Sheet Binding in a Square Back Case. Course times 9.00am to approx 3.30pm, cost $90 which includes materials and a copy of the text “”The Red Herring Book of Food Facts” for the binding. The tutor Darryn Schneider will demonstrate the double-fan technique for binding single sheets (think family histories) and will use a 3 piece construction similar to a Bradel Binding for a square-backed case. There may also be time for some simple decoration.

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Bookbinding in a classic way