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Courses Planned for 2019
14 and 21 September,  Springback Binding taught by Daniel Ibbott , Cost $140 + materials for two days. Day 1 at BVAC, Day 2 at Books and Boxes, Salisbury (please confirm as vacancies very limited)
30 and 31 October, Creative Gold Tooling taught by Dominic Riley, BVAC , course fee $140 plus materials to be advised
2 and 3 November,  The Ideal Sketchbook taught by Michael Burke, BVAC, course fee $140 plus materials to be advised
24 November Proposed follow up day for Introductory Course students
30 November and 1 December, Introduction to Bookbinding at BVAC, cost $180 for 2 days

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Introduction to Bookbinding:

(Held at: BVAC, Wellers Hill)

Course cost: $180

Time:  9.00 am to 4.00pm (both days)

Learn the basic and essential skills of bookbinding by making a handmade casebound book at our 2 day weekend course.

QBG Photos of Intro Course materials and book 006     QBG Photos of Intro Course materials and book 011

Equipment you will use              Book you will make

You will learn and practice simple techniques of bookbinding so that you can make  book, with it’s cover, from decorative  materials. Students sew paper sections into tapes, round and back them and put on endpapers and headbands. They then make a case out of board and two types of cloth, to make a “half-binding”, and then paste the book into the case. Time is allowed for the demonstration of other methods of sewing and binding and the re-sewing of damaged books. Students will also learn simple paper repairs and how to repair paperbacks so that the single sheets and permanently secured.

These techniques will help you restore books, create artist books, bind simple sheets, rebind paperbacks and create beautiful volumes in your own style. Course fees : include tuition, materials, notes, some tools and our instructional DVD. & 1 year membership for non members. Course venue: BVAC

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