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Flexible binding in Full Leather

8 half days commencing on 20th April

Course 1. 

Tutor: Darryn Schneider

Leather Binding Course

This is for those who wish to commence leather binding and is good practice for the second course should you wish to proceed to that level.

If you have done the intermediate case binding course you are ready for this course. It is not for absolute beginners. 

This course will be offered in 8, half day lessons, and will require some homework.

The homework simply allows more class time to progress the project and Darryn will be available by telephone in between classes.

The same applies if you have to miss all or part of a lesson. 

Class day and time: Tuesday. 9:30am – 12:30pm

Class dates: Each Tuesday morning commencing 20 April 2021.

Course cost: $45 per half day session.

Materials cost: $100.

Course venue: BVAC, Wellers Hill Arts Hub. 140 Weller Road, Tarragindi, Qld 4121.

Good quality materials will be provided and you will complete a very substantial book.

A materials cost of $100 will apply. This will provide the leather, text paper, marbled paper and consumables including the boards, cord, and leather dyes.

Please bring your usual bookbinding kit. Straight edge, knife, set square, pencil etcetera.

The first class is scheduled for next Tuesday.

If you are interested in this course please reply as soon as possible so that I can complete the arrangements for the course.

The course outline is as follows.

Day 1
Homework – sections folded and endpaper material prepared (22 sections – 3 sheet sections Mohawk Superfine)
Make endpapers
Line boards – including 2 practice boards
Mark up spine for sewing
Saw in kettle stitches (kerfs)
Start punching holes

Day 2
Homework – Finish punching holes, trim endpapers
Set up sewing frames
Sew block adding endpapers
Start working on sharpening

Day 3
Homework – finish sewing
Glue up spine
Trim fore-edge
Trim head and tail

Day 4
Homework – any desired edge decoration
Lace on boards
Sew headbands (do one)
Line spine (demonstrate)
Finish sharpening – everyone to have a sharp knife

Day 5
Homework – do other headband and line spine
Back corner etc boards
Set boards
Practice paring – do one practice board
Make cover template
Cut leather

Day 6
Homework – practice paring do other practice board
Pare cover
Cover one practice board (get corner experience)

Day 7
Homework – Do other practice board
Cover book
Tie-up and do headcaps
Cambridge panel sprinkle on first practice board

Day 8
Put down ends (one anyway – other to do at home)
Blind tool Cambridge panel board
Free form finishing on second practice board

15/16th May: Intermediate course

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