Courses and Workshops

  1. Introduction Course last for 2021 ‼️
    If you have never take a bookbinding class before, this is the class for you. This is a short course covering the basic bookbinding skills: an introduction to cloth and paper covers.
    Starting at the very beginning, you will learn about paper grain, cutting, fold- ing, making and sewing the signature to create a pamphlet binding. From there you will move on to multi signature sewing and binding. You will use materials and tools safely, appropriately, avoiding unnecessary waste. learn- ing techniques, tricks and habits that will prepare you to progress to the next level or to continue on your own. You will produce a variety of book struc- tures and more in this introductory course


2. CREATIVE WEEKEND :This is a new venture for the guild, we are introducing a creative workshop over two days.   We will be learning different methods of producing book coverings and then binding and covering books created with the bookcloth you produce on day one . The workshop is suitable for Beginners and Intermediate binders.

DAY ONE: Cloth Paper and Fabric Bookcovering

DAY TWO: Secret Belgian binding and Buttonhole binding using covering from day one. 

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Creative Weekend 


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Bookbinding in a classic way

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