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Ref. Title Publisher Date Author Synopsis
B1 Caring for Books and Documents British Museum 1981 Baynes-Cope, A.D. In a few pages of easy to read, text, there is a thorough coverage of the enemies of books and how to protect your volumes from them. Written for the lay-man , but also of interest to the specialist.
B2 Notes on Paper and Map Conservation State Library Board of Queensland 1979 Bruce, Jim Main causes of damage; procedures for repair – very conservation oriented; repairing; cleaning and mounting maps; good references and list of Queensland suppliers.
B3 Renovating Books Penny Pinchers 1980 Harding, Alison Detailing DIY instructions on pulling a book, repairing tears, loose leaves, corners, covers and paperbacks. Simple but adequate approach to resewing, but sections on binding in leather and finishing are too skimpy to be much use. There is a glossary.
B4 Renovating Books Penny Pinchers 1980 Harding, Alison Detailed DIY. instructions. See B3.
B5 1.Brief Notes on the Storage and Repair of Paper
2.Storage and Preservation of Paper Records
3.Protective Treatments and Repair of Paper Records
Library Board of Queensland 1987 Lavrensic, Tamara Three papers bound together. Good list of references and suppliers (Australian). May be a little out of date for suppliers.
B6 The Restoration of Leather Bindings, Revised Edition Adamantine Press 1984 Middleton, Bernard A standard text book on this topic. Clear detailed instructions on dealing with old leather bound books. Also covers caoutchouc bindings and aging repairs. Middleton is a world expert on this subject.
B7 The Preservation of Leather Bindings British Museum 1970 Plenderleith, H.J. An account of the author’s research into the causes of decay and use of potassium lactate. Of interest to anyone in leather binding, though rather outdated now.
B8 Stopping the Rot: A handbook of preventive conversation for local studies collections Australian Library and Information Association 1989 Price, Helen Second Edition. Intended primarily for libraries, but useful for anyone with a collection of books. Why library materials deteriorate; prevention and cure; recording and cure; recording and marking; care and storage techniques; preservation decision making; basic conservation techniques; preparedness for disaster.
B9 The Paper Conservator: Journal of the Institute of Paper Conservation, vol. 3 Institute of Paper Conservation 1978 Papers: A Survey of the Original Binding and Re-binding Techniques of Registers in Qld State Archives, Jim Bruce. Repair Treatments for Vellum Manuscripts, Anthony Cains. The Identification of Non-wood Paper-making fibres Part 3, T. Collings & Derek Milner. Drying Rare Books Soaked by Water: a Harwell Experiment. John A. Gibson & David Reay. Papermakers’ Humpen. A note on 17th & 18th century central European craft depictions on glass. Guy Petherbridge. A Trial Terminology for describing sewing through the fold. Pamela Spitzmuller.
B10 The Paper Conservator: Journal of the Institute of Paper Conservation, vol. 7 Institute of Paper Conservation 1982 – 83 Papers: ‘Traditional Repair of Archival Documents’. Melvyn Jones – wet repairs, sizing. Paper Repair in Older Printed Books’ Orla Mc Mullen – using Japanese paper. Facsimile Repairs for Works of Art on Paper’. Jane Mc Ausland – holes, corners, tears invisibly repaired. The Identification of Oriental paper-making Fibres’ (Microscopy). Collings & Milner Whilst all these articles are intended for conservators, they are so well finished with a mass of lucid diagrams that anyone could follow them. By far the best coverage of repairs for the layman.
B11 Cleaning and Caring for Books Sheppard Press 1982 Shep, R.L. Some of these methods should be treated with caution.
B12 The Practical Guide to book Repair and Conservation Thames and Hudson 1988 Johnson, Arthur An invaluable primer. Covers materials, adhesives, book construction, repairs to paper & vellum, repairing broken books, board covers, re-attaching boards, repairing case bindings, leather bindings, refurbishing.
B13 The Restoration of Leather Bindings Library Technology 1979 Middleton, Bernard Program Publication No.18 Chicago. The standard text book on this topic. Clear detailed instructions on dealing with old leather bound books. Also covers caoutchouc bindings and ageing repairs. Middleton is a world expert on this subject. [Presented by John Campbell]
B14 The Abbey Newsletter: Bookbinding and Conservation, Vols 13, 14, 15 & 16 1989 – 92 Newsletter of the preservation Department, Brigham Young University Library, Utah.
B15 Cleaning & preserving Bindings and Related Materials Horton, Carolyn
B16 Basic Refurbishment of Antique Books Visual Restoration 1993 Smart, John This booklet accompanies a video with same title, in QBG Library, Catalogue No V13.
B17 The S & M Book Repair Guide S & M Supply Co 1993 Price, Helen a useful booklet by a conservator showing a range of techniques and procedures for effective book repair and maintenance
B18 The Repair of Cloth Bindings Oak Press 2005 Johnson, Arthur Manual with over 80 illustrations addressing special problems of repairing and conservation of cloth-covered books.
B19 a/b DVD Peter Waters Master Book Binder David Swerdloff 2006 Waters, Sheila & Swerdloff, David Peter Waters (1930 – 2003) has been dubbed the father of American library conservation. Sheila Waters traces her late husband’s development as a binder prior to his worldwide leadership in library conservation.
B20 DVD Binder – A portrait of Bernard Middleton “Alms and Man” Production 1990 Middleton, B and interviewers Bernard Middleton, FRSA, MBE, is a craftsman, a respected book restorer, the Binder. He talks about his life and his craft.
B21 DVD Fully Dressed in Leather: Conservation Style RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press 2006 Don Etherington Demonstration of covering a book in full leather
B22 DVDRebacking a Cloth Binding Society of Bookbinders 2005 Cowlishaw, N. This demonstration by one of the UK’s foremost bookbinding teachers, guides you through procedures necessary to assess and repair damage to spines and joints.

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