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Weekly News :

15th June 2020

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the election of a new Management Committee for the Guild as a result of our online AGM. I received 22 votes, all in agreement with the nominations and resolutions, so it was a great success. Thank you for your enthusiastic and precise responses. I attach the minutes of the meeting.


So, our new Management Committee are:


President                     Marilyn George                       

Vice-President            Darryn Schneider                    

Hon. Treasurer           William Ray                          

Hon. Secretary           Sarah Davies                      


Committee Member:    Andrew Lee                

Committee Member:    June McNicol              

Committee Member:    Sandra Johnson           

Committee Member:    Ken McKeon              

Committee Member:    Jason Cooper              

Committee Member:    Bernard Milford     


We will be shortly holding a Committee meeting to make plans for the rest of the year (as much as we can) for Open Days, Meetings and Courses. It would be wonderful if you could tell us what you would like to see for the rest of the year. We have managed to hold only one course from our planned new curriculum so implementing that will be a priority, though possibly with smaller numbers.  


You should also have received the May Newsletter in your mailbox last week. It is also on the website and the password (unchanged) is Leather I think. See Newsletters for all back issues. Email me if you have not received your copy.


I spoke with Jenny Jorgensen today, our former Treasurer, and she asked me to say farewell to you on her behalf, and to say how much she enjoyed being Treasurer, Course Convenor and Membership Convenor and so meeting or writing to you in relation to joining the Guild and courses. She said that Col is not well at the moment, and back in hospital. We again send them our best hopes for improved health.


We had 25 people at our Open Day yesterday and made considerable sales, showing that many of you must have been doing lots of binding over the shut-down, and now need to replenish supplies. Please send photos of your new work (even if not finished). We were delighted with the improvements at BVAC with a lift (which we didn’t use), smart new toilets and a new room for us (not quite ready).  To help fund the lift BVAC are requesting that we each bring a bottle which attracts a refundable deposit for Containers for Change. Bins for collecting bottles can be found downstairs in the kitchen area.


As other organisations come back into operation we are starting to hear about more activities. Here is the link to the BVAC Newsletter  and Scattered Arts has also announced its annual competition and here is the link to the entry form  . While books don’t clearly come under on category the topic “Recovery, Restoration, Renewal” is appropriate so you could enquire which category might suit.


The NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders, our sister organisation in NSW, is re-starting its course programme which you will see here.  Please also note the availability of the printed notes form Bind19, a useful resource if you are looking for something worthwhile to bind.


Look out for more announcements of activities. There is an Open Day booked for 12 July, and a meeting night scheduled for August. Watch this space! Don’t forget our Facebook page where we post all our forthcoming events and other wonderful links.

Sarah Davies

QBG Secretary




Sarah Davies would be delighted to receive any contributions for the “Weekly News”

Bookbinding in a classic way