Weekly News

Slip Case, 25th October, 9.00 – 4.00, cost is $0  if as second half of Feb 2020 Intro course, but $70 if done as a stand-alone course (priority given to 2020 course students)

Case Binding Refresher, 1st November, $70 (one day course for those who did the former Introductory course, but need to refresh their skills). You will need to bring a sewn and glued text block.

Rounded and Backed Case Binding, 5th and 6th December, $140 for two days (prerequisite is completion of the 2020 Introduction course in February)

For all our courses visit our website  or if you have a question, or want to enrol and are not sure, contact Marilyn at

We have also received Newsletters from two of our sister Guilds. 

We have not heard from Association of Book Crafts (ABC) New Zealand for a while as they did not have an Editor for their Newsletter. Now after a complete change of Committee ABC is firing again and Terrie Reddish has taken over as Editrix and produced an excellent informative and colourful newsletter  is the Dropbox link. See some beautiful photos of a Bible restoration and plans to make your own portable piercing cradle (a different design).

The Canberra Guild has brought out its latest bi-monthly “Raised Bands” and as always the expertise and creativity of its members is on display.   There is a fascinating article by Chris Johnson on the Doves Bindery and JT J Cobden-Sanderson, the legendary printer and binder of Ecce Mundus, a facsimile of which is the Canberra Guild’s competition book.

Finally BVAC has sent out its October 2020 Newsletter with lots of news about activities and exhibitions.

That’s all for tonight. I hope to see some of you at Wednesday night‘s meeting.


CHANGES TO CONSTITUTION: Below is a link to changes proposed to our constitution for your discussion.

QBG Constitution June 2020

There are to be three courses offered in the remainder of 2020: Dates for two below and applications are open, using the course application link.

1st November :There will be a Refresher course for pre 2020 Introductory course participants, $140

25th October: A Slip Case one day course for 2020 participants of the new Introductory course, $0

5/6 December : The  new Intermediate course $140 as outlined in new course link below, for participants who have completed the new Introductory course in 2020



Our friends in the Canberra Guild have produced their latest Newsletter, Raised Bands.  As usual they have some fascinating articles and you will particularly enjoy the article about T J Cobden-Sanderson, the owner of the Doves Press, a close colleague of William Morris and a binder of the most exquisite volumes produced during the Arts and Crafts era of Victorian Britain. The illustrations of his book cover designs alone are superb. You may also find in Raised Bands some interesting uses for teabags, and some excellent notes by Chris Johnson of a workshop run by Guy Begbie on “Drumleaf binding” (PS – who were the Queensland bookbinders who attended online with Chris?). I was also interested to see links to the online blog of a bookbinder called Mark Cockram, owner of Studio 5, a bindery in the UK, who does really impressive contemporary work, and has lots of short video clips on different aspects of bookbinding.

Bookbinding in a classic way