Artist Book Group

QBG Bindings from Fay Dean 069

Artists’ books can be defined as works of art that utilise the form of the book. They are often published in small editions, though they are sometimes produced as one-of-a-kind objects. Artists’ books have employed a wide range of forms, including scrolls, fold-outs, concertinas or loose items contained in a box.

I would like to hear from any members interested in meeting as part of this new group. There will be no member or meeting costs involved for members of QBG. Outside interested people will need to join or rejoin the QBG to participate in the group.

We meet every month to discuss our interest and have a show and tell session, followed by information sharing in the form of demonstration or mini workshop.There is time to work on your own projects most of the time.

We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at BVAC hub, Taragindi, The meeting starts at 1pm.

9 thoughts on “Artist Book Group”

  1. Emma
    Yes you are correct we do require you to be a member first. You can always come along to a meeting and see what we do first.

  2. Hi Members
    I am looking at a meeting room for our next meeting. We can use the
    Brisbane Square Library if we want, nice and central, free, easy access by bus or train to south bank. Parking could be expensive of course, though as the meeting is short perhaps not to much cost.
    Our other choice is Kenmore Library in which some expressed interest. Please let me know your needs ASAP.

  3. Our last meeting on Tuesday last was a great success, we had an interested group and made a few more decissions.
    We will continue to meet at BVAC, especially as we are now moving there, this will incure a cost of $2 a meeting to help with renting costs.
    We discussed the idea of a bi monthly challenge and I suggested we start with one and see how we travel. The first will be a book with a ‘hidden’ section or compartment, envelope.
    This will be shown at the November meeting, which will be the last for the year. The challenge is not compulsory and just meant to be a bit of fun & opportunity to start making a n artist book if you haven’t yet done so.

    At the meeting I demonstrated the ‘pocket and tab’ or ‘slot and tab’ style of book, this requires no stitching or glue. The style can be seen in books by Alisa Golden, and the group seemed challenged and interested. There were good results and Jenny bought hers to the Guild meeting for show and tell!
    At the next meeting Tricia has agreed to demo Origami or or single sheet fold books.

    We did discuss the meeting day as we are still not happy with the timing? It has been suggested that we might change to the 4th Tuesday of the month?
    So we now have a choice which is never easy with a diverse group, however the choice is the 2nd or the 4th Tuesday? Please reply with your preferred option.
    We also decided with the summer heat and the Guild closing for December January, we would also, and re convene in February 2017.

    Lastly we discussed the Guild Open days and the Craft Fair. We would like to see a showing of our members at both and ask if you have any artists books already, that you perhaps agree to send them in for the display?
    I have been asked to work on some books at the public open day (27th November) and would love to have some company! So if you feel you would like to come and work on a project , please let me know.

  4. The next meeting of the group will be on the 12th of September. Were will be learning how to make origami style boxes. Bringing along any work we have been completing over the last month.

  5. Hi , Just wanted to know if you are still active. I have been retired for a few years and would be interested in meeting with you.I spent a lifetime involved in the printing industry .Our product range included books.I worked with Watson Ferguson for 8 years after
    leaving school then 40 years with Fergies .

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